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Magic Eye Installation Services From Aerial Services

Have Sky digital television, but getting tired of having to run downstairs to change the channel? Aerial Services has the answer. Our affordable Sky extensions and Magic Eye installation services makes it easy for you to change the channel from any room in your house. Guaranteed. Simple call for a free consultation to get started.

What Are Magic Eyes?

A magic eye / sky link, is a small discreet device that makes it possible for you to control your Sky services from any television in your home. When you order our Magic Eye installation services, our technician will install the magic eye on each television in your home. Then, this little device will send the signal from your remote control in the bedroom (or other room in your home), through the coaxial cable, to the Sky digital receiver. It will instantly respond to the command as it would if you were sitting in your front room.

Magic Eye Installation Services – Another Affordable Service From Aerial Services

Magic Eye Installation ServicesAdding the convenience of Magic Eyes to your home begins with a simple call to Aerial Services. We’ll arrange a free consultation and quote. During this time, we’ll assess your needs and come up with the perfect installation plan and combination of Sky extensions for the perfect viewing experience. Then, we’ll find a time that works best for you to get the job done.

When it’s time for your Magic Eye installation services appointment, our professional technician will arrive at the arranged time with a smile. He’ll remove his shoes and get down to business. Everything from the coaxial cable, distribution amplifiers to the Magic Eyes will be installed with precision and professionalism.

When we come into your home we will handle everything with care and ensure everything right down to the wiring is neat and tidy. Before he leaves, everything will work perfectly and all your questions will be answered. And because our work is guaranteed, there is no charge for call backs or if you happen to have any additional questions.

Magic Eyes are small, so there’s no bulky equipment and installation can be done with minimal disruption to your home. And with our affordable prices, free call outs and guaranteed quality, your home entertainment will never be the same. Call Daniel at Aerial Services in Huddersfield now to learn more about our Magic Eye installation services and book your free consultation.

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