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Whether you’ve just moved in and want to experience the world of Freeview or freesat, need new TV aerials or would like to try D. A. B. (digital radio) or FM radio, Aerial Services professional installer will get you hooked up. Simply call to get your consultation and quote.

Professional TV Aerials for Superior Freeview Viewing

TV Aerial InstallationsWith 50 digital channels including 24 radio stations and 5 HD channels delivered free to your home, what’s not to love about Freeview? The only thing you need to get access to it all is a call to Aerial Services. We’ll quickly identify the best possible placement for TV aerials. Then, we’ll make sure it’s securely installed and positioned just right to give you the best possible signal. Inside your home, we’ll make sure the wiring is secured to keep everything safe and neat. And we don’t just do TV aerial installations.

In addition to TV aerials, we also provide quality, affordable aerial installations for digital radio (D. A. B) and FM radio. We’re also highly experienced at troubleshooting and aerial repairs as well as the installation of splitters, amplifiers and other pieces of equipment to ensure you can enjoy TV and radio in any room of your house.

Freesat Installation – Get More Channels Even In a Poor Reception Area

If you need more channels to choose from or find that Freeview just isn’t working for you, freesat is the perfect solution for you. freesat installation is also a freesat installation servicesfantastic alternative for Sky or Virgin customers who would like to get away from paying for a monthly subscription or don’t want to pay for extra subscriptions to get TV service in the other rooms of the house. The secret to great freesat service, however, is a quality installation.

Because our technicians know the Huddersfield, Holmfirth, Brighouse, Mirfield and Wakefield areas so well, they know exactly what they need to provide you with the best possible reception making for an easy, painless freesat installation. Every job comes with a guarantee, free consultations and no-cost call backs, so you never have to worry. You know every freesat installation will be done to the highest quality and everything will work flawlessly for years to come.

Cat 6 Installation

Sometimes your internet connection may be slow over a WiFi connection, or you just want to maximise your broadband speed throughout your home. Aerial Services can install CAT6 cabling and network points for you, from single point to multiple points around your home.

With more and more TV services being served over the internet, or maybe you need that extra speed for your online gaming or YouTube videos – CAT6 cabling allows you to get the most out of your broadband speeds.

Contact Daniel at Aerial Services or learn more about our TV aerials, Freeview or freesat installation services.

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Whether it’s an aerial extension, a Magic Eye from Sky, a TV signal amplifier or any other piece of equipment,

Aerial Services will provide you with a premium television service without the premium price. Call Daniel at Aerial Services for your free consultation to learn more.

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