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Aerial Splitters from Aerial Services – Watch TV and Movies Anywhere in Your Home

If you’re tired of having to share the television or being forced to watch it in only one room, it may be time to have TV aerial extensions installed with the use of an external or internal aerial splitter. Aerial Splitters can only be used in strong signal areas where amplifiers are not needed. With one call to Aerial Services, you can have television in any or every room of your home and finally enjoy your Freeview the way it was meant to be. Because of our local knowledge we can often tell you on the phone whether you would need a splitter or amplifier, in most cases, the extension can be done with a splitter.

Why Aerial Splitters Installed by Aerial Services

Aerial Splitters InstalledFreeview is fantastic, but if it’s only installed on one television, you might not even know how good it actually is with such a wide choice of free to view channels. Eliminate the limits you’re living with and bring the power of Freeview to your entire home by having our experienced technicians split your TV aerial signal and distribute freeview throughout your home. You deserve it.

Aerial Services technicians don’t just install all the aerial splitters and cable needed to deliver the signal, but they also make sure everything is neat, clean and tidy and out of the way. And if you have any questions about aerial splitters or have any special requests, just ask. Our professional installer is always happy to help.

Combining Aerial Splitters and More for an Amazing Television Experience

Aerial splitters make it possible to distribute the Freeview signal throughout your home, but sometimes, you need a little something extra. Our professionals will use their experience and expertise to combine boosters, aerial splitters and other pieces of hardware to create a flawless television experience throughout your home. And when they leave, you’re guaranteed to be happy with the work and the price.

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