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Has your television stopped working? Your Freeview or freesat picture breaking up or just saying no signal? A broken TV aerial or dodgy satellite dish can really put a damper on your evenings and relaxation time. At least it will be easy to fix. We offer a full range of TV aerial repair services, Freeview, Freesat and sky repairs and sky satellite dish metering services. Simply call Daniel at Aerial Services to get it repaired quickly, accurately, and for an affordable price.

Improve Your freesat or Sky Dish With Aerial Services’ Satellite Metering and Repairs

Satellite MeteringOver time the lovely English weather can take its toll, and wear and tear on the brackets and fixings can cause your sky satellite dish to loosen off. A strong wind can also move the dish or break some of its supports. And once it moves, you’ll find it extremely difficult or even impossible to use it. Our satellite metering services and dish repair services will have you up and running again in no time.

Our technician will use his years of local experience to make the necessary repairs to your satellite dish as quickly as possible. He’ll be courteous and careful when he does it and make sure to answer any questions or address any concerns as he goes. And you’ll have nothing to worry about except what you’re going to watch first. (Did we mention it’s also a great time to add Magic Eye systems, splitters and other features to your television?)

Free Callouts and Affordable TV Aerial Repair Services

The sun, wind, rain and storms are just as hard on your TV aerial as they are on your roof. Eventually, the metal and coaxial cable begin to show wear. And as they TV Aerial Repairswear, the quality of your Freeview signal degrades with it causing your TV signal to fade and break up. You may even find water flowing through the cable and into your home. Our TV aerial repair services can take care of it all.

Our TV aerial repair services start with a free quote and consultation, so you’ll know exactly what kind of work needs to be done and what it will all cost. Then, we’ll arrange a convenient time with you to perform the work, which could include water in the coax cable, broken brackets or TV aerial mast or broken lashings. If you have a faulty Sky Dish, freesat or Freeview box, he’ll help you identify that, too.

Our main goal is to ensure you have the best television service possible before we walk out the door. And to make sure of that, all our work is guaranteed and includes free call backs. You simply need to call Daniel and request our TV aerial repair services to get you back up and running.

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Whether it’s an aerial extension, a Magic Eye from Sky, a TV signal amplifier or any other piece of equipment,

Aerial Services will provide you with a premium television service without the premium price. Call Daniel at Aerial Services for your free consultation to learn more.

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